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Mark Riccardi
Stunt Coordinator

SERVICE: (323)-462-2301 HAIR: BROWN
CELL PHONE: (818)-822-9690 EYES: GREEN
WEB SITE: www.stuntdble.com  


Crazy Girls Undercover Stunt Coordinator CGU Productions
Live Free Die Hard Stunts/Driving Warner Brothers Studios
Mission Impossible 3 3 Stunts/Driving Paramount Studios
Last Shot Stunt Double/Alec Baldwin Paramount Studios
33 Griffen Street Stunt Coordinator Universal Studios Studios
Blood Deep Stunt Coordinator Dead Horse Productions
Hostage Stunt Double/Kim Coates Paramount Studios
Livewire Producer/Director Take Two Entertainment
Swordfish Stunt Double Warner Brothers Studios
Fast Glass Stunt Double/Greg Grunberg Sony Pictures
Skinwalkers Stunts Warner Brothers Studios
Wasbi Tuna Stunts Raleigh Pictures
Left in Darkness Stunt Double Stephen J. Cannell
Outlaws Stunt Double/Michael Madsen/Actor Giant Entertainment
LUCKY Numbers Stunt Coordinator Paramount Studios
Battlefield Earth Stunt Coordinator Warner Brothers Studios
The General's Daughter Stunt Coordinator Paramount Studios
A Civil Action Stunt Coordinator Disney Studios
Primary Colors Stunt Coordinator Universal Studios
Face-Off Stunt Double Paramount Studios
Mad City Stunt Double Warner Brothers Studios
She's So Lovely Stunt Double She's So Lovely Productions
Michael Stunt Double Turner Cinema
Phenomenon Stunt Double Walt Disney Studios Pictures
Space Jam N.D. Driver/Stunt Warner Brothers Studios
Broken Arrow Stunt Double 20th Century Fox Studios
Thin Red Line Stunt Double Warner Brothers Studios
Get Shorty Stunt Double MGM Studios
White Man's Burden Stunt Double Chromatic Pictures
Star Tek: Generations Stunt Double/Riker Paramount Studios
Pulp Fiction Stunt Brown 25
Frogtown II Stunt Coordinator Don Jackson Productions
Laughing Dead Stunt Coordinator Archaeoptery X Co.
The Masters Stunt Double/Coordinator San Rafael Films
Rich Girl Stunt/Tony Film West Productions
Eye For An Eye Stunt/Sal Apple Productions
Princess Warriors Stunt Coordinator/Johnny Vista Street Films
Crazy Joe Stunt/Gate Guard 21st Century Films


Chuck Stunts Warner Brothers Studios
K-Ville Co-Star/Ty Amsinger FOX Television
Marlowe Stunts/Driving Touchstone
24 Co-star/Charlie Weiss FOX Television
Heroes Stunt Double/Greg Grunberg Warner Brothers Studios
Without A Trace Co-Star/Minion Warner Brothers Studios
Without A Trace Co-Star/Mike Gettis Warner Brothers Studios
Without A Trace Stunt Double/Anthony LaPaglia Warner Brothers Studios
CSI Stunt Double/Anthony LaPaglia Warner Brothers Studios
America's Most Wanted Stunt Double FOX Television
V.I.P. Co-Star/Actor Columbia Pictures
That's Life Co-Star/Actor Paramount Studios
General Hospital Inmate/Actor/Stunt A.B.C. Studios
V.I.P. Stunt Columbia Pictures
18 Wheels of Justice Stunt Double Stu Seagall
Angel Stunt Double Warner Brothers Studios
Final Justice Productions N.D./Stunt Double Leonard Hill
Star Trek: Voyager Security Guard/Stunt Paramount Studios
Deep Space Nine Hunter/Stunt Paramount Studios
Star Trek: The Next Generation Riker/Stunt Double Paramount Studios
Greatest American Hero Security Guard/Stunt Stephen J. Cannell
The Wizard Henchman Paramount Studios
Equal Justice Stunt Double Justice Productions
Santa Barbara Stunt Double N.B.C. Studios

Promotional Film

One Way BodyGuard Billy Katt Productions
Bridges Stunt Coordinator Lange Productions

Stunt & Athletic Abilities

High falls, motorcycle, car rollovers, fights, air rams, ratchets, horse work, rappelling, dirt bike, car hits & precision driving, martial arts, weapons, football (W. Va - QB), baseball (W. Va. - catcher), semi-pro football (L.A. Wolves - QB)

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