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Many of you who visit the site on a regular basis, or in passing, may have filled out a request form asking for further information about Mark Riccardi, STUNTMAN. Well, this page was constructed in response to that need. So below are the frequently asked questions about the man they call STUNTMAN. If you have any further questions, feel free to fill out our brochure request form, or send us an e-mail at stuntdble@earthlink.net


Where did Stuntman first gain his fame? At South Plainfield High School where he was a quarterback for the football team in the early to mid 1970s.  He would later go on to Potomac State College in West Virginia, and West Virginia University.

What made him decide to go into show business? After watching his friend, Dennis Madalone, appear on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson back in 1979, and taking a lot of punishment from the first string defensive unit on the West Virginia University Football team, Mark thought it would be a great way to make money.

What show did STUNTMAN first appeared on? Mark's first big break was in 1980 when he appeared in a stunt on a show called The Great American Traffic Jam.

Who are the South Plainfield Threesome?  In addition to STUNTMAN, there was Dennis Madalone, who was already finding fame and fortune in Hollywood, and, another friend from his high school days, Irving Lewis became known as the "South Plainfield Threesome". They all became friends during their high school years where they excelled as athletes on the high school football, track, and baseball teams. Their athletic talents were very important skills that they would need for their line of work.

After his first television appearance, where did STUNTMAN appear next? Mark appeared on such t.v. shows as Quincy, The Hulk, Ten Speed and Brownshoe, Today's FBI, and Strike Force. Then, in 1982, he made an appearance on the show The Greatest American Hero.  He also appeared in such movies as Eye For An Eye starring Chuck Norris, in 1982.

What was STUNTMAN's next big break?  When he became the stunt double for Johnathan Frakes on the television series Star-Trek:  The Next Generation.  He would then follow it up with appearances on the other Star-Trek series, Deep Space Nine

What was the biggest film STUNTMAN was in?  Although Mark has had numerous hits in Broken Arrow, The General's Daughter, Get Shorty, A Civil Action, Primary Colors, Phenomenon, and The Thin Red Line, but his biggest success was in the movie Face-Off, in 1997.

How can I find out what projects and appearances STUNTMAN will be making next?  Two ways.  One way is to visit the What's New page on this website, or subscribe to our monthly electronic newsletter.

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